While other models, such as the LFH SpeechMike Pro, certainly support much of the same functionality, they are different products. I hope that helps. If you like to do research, and want more information about Dragon, here are some great resources:. And now my software does not function there. The next screen will remain blank until you turn the mic on. At this volume adjustment phase, you may have to read the text several times.

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If you are in Canada, we can provide you with services, but do charge for our time. Speakeasy Solutions recommends utilizing the latest software for any device. Try the Search at the top right. The following links provide you with download locations for the most recent software: This reading is pretty long, so set aside at least 15 minutes to complete just this section.

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As you advance through each screen, you should also see the progress meter, at the top, lighting up box-by-box. Failing that, contact Philips directly. Within this folder is a configuration file with a.

Browse to the configuration location, choose the. The software is the same for all SpeechMike models, however differs with respect to operating system Speedhmike and Mac.


Start the Speech Control software in one of the following ways:. However, if your hardware is not listed you may still be spdechmike to use it with your Nuance Products. View the most recent posts in chronological order or explore the Categories from the left menu.

Using a Philips SpeechMike With Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac

To read about a particular model, click its hyperlink. Remarks Newer hardware may not be listed here or on our Web site simply because we have not tested our products with them yet. Importing Philips Device Control Center Spfechmike If you have received a complete speech recognition package from Speakeasy Solutions, there will be speechmikd folder in your MyDocuments folder. Click the button below to purchase technical services, and then schedule an appointment with our next available technician.

Apply the configuration to the Philips SpeechMike. If it is not connected, plug the SpeechMike into your computer. Below is the list of models for the category “Handheld”. If you need to check your Mac operating system, click here.

Using a Philips SpeechMike With Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac

The following links provide you with download locations for the most recent software:. Obtain the Software Download the software for your operating system and model of the Philips SpeechMike handheld microphone.

Last Drivers  HP CP5225 DRIVER

We focus on your particular needs above all else — providing you with a premium customized solution. Do not click the box next to manual gain — we want to let the system determine the right levels.

The stop sign icon indicates that the Dragon mic is off.

Click the [Stop] button. You can turn the mic on by clicking the stop sign, or by pressing the record button on your SpeechMike. Learn more about usand who our clients are.

Dragon for Mac Medical v5 is now the latest version of this software available. When you speak into the mic, you should see the volume meter moving up and down. I have been using SpeecMike software for many years to transcribe texts.

I hope that helps. You can click on the button with the ellipsis sign, […], to change any of these functions. When you are not dictating or using commands, you want to be sure to either turn the mic off or put it to sleep.