Previously, GPU core was idling at 41 Celsius but following a recent update, it began idling at 59 Celsius with the fan coming on loudly. The machine ran quiet and the temperature was very comfortable. I have the same problem with konsole resizing reported here: Omid Mottaghi omidmottaghi wrote on Temperature reduced to 46 Celsius by reverting to driver

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I am the ring leader of the amazing Kasper family. Upgrading to A12 via the Dell instructions really quietened things down for me. On Wed, Oct 15, at Any ideas on what I could do except trying to downgrade ubuntu? When the nVidia version driver came as recommended I upgraded to this. Further improved the error recovery paths taken in case of GPU command stream corruption.

Updates over the last few days seems to have solved this for me. This package provides fixes for a large number of bugs, and we need your assistance in testing if it fixes the issue you reported. Added link to nvidla previous post. From memory A10 was very quiet compared to A09 mine was shipped with A09but the temps were kind of scary, A11 I think was comparable to A I noticed some others have updated their bios but from what I can tell they say it didnt really solve the issue?


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Enhancement for thermal control. Add tags Tag help.

See full activity log. The BIOS seems to have fixed the problem!


Someone knows if the issue is already reported and aknowledged from Nvidia devs? I started monitoring temperature as the fan started running a lot more than with Intrepid.

Ben upcroft wrote on The fan was very noisy, starting and stopping very often. Tristan, can you upgrade your BIOS? I had the problem described above with 8. Just upgraded to nvida. I’ve been seeing idle temperatures around 60oC. Russell Hedger russell-hedger wrote on Austin Lund austin-lund wrote on However, I’m running bit Intrepid beta fully updated.

Appendix A. Supported NVIDIA GPU Products

My problem is not fixed yet. To do this, please do the following: The fan either runs all the time or turns off and on rapidly.

Even watching full screen video, it doesn’t get significantly hotter than this. I tested the driver again.

Last Drivers  GENIUS K627 DRIVER

nVidia 177.80 Released!

Peter Miller szr wrote on Over the course of 17.80 past few months we have seen several NVIDIA Linux drivers that have all been marked as beta with the last official release appearing in April. Idle temps showed C with whereas with idle temps are at 51 C but fan is nearly inaudible.

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