It actually sounds like it is coming from the front end of the driver side coil pack area to be specific. I ran back to my car , turned it off and opened the hood. Quote message in reply? You have already rated this thread Rating: Planning a longer 60 mile trip today reconfirm.

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If it was just noise, then I would guess vacuum lines You cannot hear the noise in the cabin – only outside by the hood.

Thanked 58 Times in 46 Posts. Always before the noise would start as soon as the engine started warming up – within 5 minutes at idle. Lose coolant in soind intercooler system, then your IATs go up under boost, and the engine cuts power In that video the entire driver side Turbo unit had to be taken out for repairs.

New Noise – V12

But I Checked intercoller fill cap and was still full car did seem a bit less powerful like I have less turbo boost now m257, but maybe that’s in my head. You cannot hear it in aound car with windows closed – but this engine was super quiet till last week and my wife actually noticed it when I let her out of the car.


This was the first change since I have owned the car and about 7, miles since last change. Your question will be posted in:.

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Anyone identify the attached sound file. I have a S 90K mi that has developed a new noise. Thanks for the update. Could it be a vacuum line to the turbocharger diverter valve or pneumatic line to the waste-gate?

I am not too worried about the noise, just be nice to track mm275 down. BB code is On. Title goes here close video goes here.

Photo prior to running with cover off soud oil shields not in place. Best guess is noise is from front drivers side quadrant. Looking through the oil filler cap, the noise is in time with the valve train. Noise still present so not related to belt or any belt soun accessories.

In order to be able to post messages on the Mercedes-Benz Forum forums, you must first register. Planning a longer 60 mile trip today reconfirm.

M v12 strange noise and smoke!! Question is what happened?

Clarion U.S.A. | M

Allowed engine to warm fully – no extra noises detected problem disappeared All oiling systems appear to be flowing properly makes a mess Very short video of running with cover off. I have the service records on the vehicle and it has been changed per Mercedes spec by dealership since new from VMI history printout. Either you blew a head gasket or a pressure line ruptured.


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I wonder if there could have been a foreign object that became entangled with the serpentine belt, and fell out when the engine stopped? Take off the serpentine sonud, inspect it, and fire up the motor with it off to see if sund noise goes away. Other than noise – engine runs perfectly – no codes, no misfires. Thanked 64 Times in 53 Posts.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Didn’t see any coolant Leaks, coolant level and temp normal upon restart.