The power section consists of two Hypex Class D watt modules and finally, a front panel headphone jack. The major advantage of the one box system is logistical simplicity as well as convenience of operation. When I first looked at the price of the CS 8. Description The Ovation CS 8. Udo Besser is the owner and managing director of the company and according to the manufacturer, the company is dedicated to designing and producing the finest equipment for the highest quality musical reproduction.

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The bass with the built in Hypex amps is in no way deficient; it is far better with the outboard amp. I started my audition with the tuner.

Find more suppliers in Indore Headphone in Indore. The feel of the volume knob and its smooth response were so alluring that even when I put the CS 8. Wired Headphone in Indore.

I also immediately noticed the increase in harmonic complexity in the lower midrange that the CS 8. The foldable design provides for simple storage, while the flat cable helps offset tangling. I listened to the CS8. Things were much simpler then; all afm needed was a receiver, a turntable and a pair of speakers.


AVM Ovation CS 8.2 All-in-One System

Compatible with most computers, tablets, smartphones and MP3 players, with easy to adjust on-ear controls. Call Send a quick message.

Again, with the AVM, the sound was large and weighty. As good as the CD is, I preferred the sound of the files by a very slight margin.

When I first looked at the price of the CS 8. Wireless Headphone in Indore. Moreover, the products we obtain from our vendors are of optimum quality.

I know a number of seasoned audiophiles who have or are about to give up the search for the sonic Holy Grail and are looking to aavm their systems. This is a handsome and well-built piece of gear overall.

AVM Ovation CS All-in-One System | The Absolute Sound

The remote functions are controlled by an app that can be installed on an iOS or Android device. Other source deficiencies with the CS 8.

After all, this and the 8. In one of the three systems, I used my Vendetta SCP-2B phono preamplifier gluetooth the single-ended input with excellent results—no low-level hum issues and plenty of gain. I used a pair of Audeze headphones to test the headphone amp. Pack and go with ease. Since the app worked flawlessly, I chose to stick with it.


Although the CS 8.

HP Blue H2800 Stereo Headset

Stwreo worked, but was hampered by the poor reception that we receive here in the crowed city. Given the build and sonic qualities, plus the convenience.

On the left is the selector knob, and the power button right below that. I found AVM menu choices were logical and well designed. Year of Establishment A number of manufacturers are intent on making a serious assault on the audiophile segment of the market with these products. I could, however, easily live with either one. The power section consists of two Hypex Class D watt modules and finally, a front panel headphone blietooth.

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